What’s Your Brave?

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We all have something we fear. Mine is acceptance.


In high school I desperately wanted to try out for the school play but didn’t for fear of how my athletic friends would react. I loved being on the court, but for fear of disappointing teammates and upsetting coaches, I quit. In college I wanted to travel oversees for short term mission trips but fear of the unknown kept me close to home. I loved to read and write but did so in my diary only for fear of being classified as a nerd or teacher’s pet.


I’m almost thirty and still have to tell myself to be confident, not apologize for who I am, and the cliché phrase, be myself.


Then I had a daughter. A now independent two-year old who is a walking definition of confidence. She thinks she can do anything from putting on her own shoes to riding a buffalo. She also changes her occupation daily. Some days she tells me she is a doctor, other days a teacher, vet, or princess. There is nothing that that girl doesn’t think she can do or isn’t willing to try.


I don’t want her to lose her brave. So every night I pray confidence for her. I long for Ava to know who she is in Christ and to be nothing but. I desire for her to be herself without fear of what her peers may say. In fact, I pray that her confidence will inspire the other girls in her class to embrace their own uniqueness too.


I hope when my daughter is thirty she is swimming in a pool of I tried it’s instead of drowning in could have been’s.


I recently read a devotional by Annie F. Downs titled 100 Days to Brave. I then had the opportunity to attend a Women’s Conference and hear Annie speak on the topic of Brave. I left that conference knowing what my word for 2019 would be: BRAVE.


How do I plan on being brave this year? By starting this blog. Honestly? I have sweaty armpits and smeared eye makeup thinking about launching this website today. I fear nobody will read what I have to say. I fear everyone will read it and no one will like it. I fear people will roll their eyes at my passion for reading. I fear I will be brushed off as either a know-it-all or unqualified. I fear not being accepted.


But today I am choosing to replace the word fear with brave. Today I am choosing to take a lesson from my two-year old in confidence. Today I am going to put on deodorant, wipe my eye makeup, and trust that God laid this blog on my heart for a reason.


I may not be able to redo my high school and college years, but I can intentionally choose today and every day to embrace who God created me to be. To be brave.


How about you? What brave thing are you doing in 2019?

20 thoughts on “What’s Your Brave?”

  1. Thank you for your honesty. I think so many of us have our fears of what are people going to think or say…and it holds us back. Being divorced, I daily feel like I have disappointed everyone in my life, and God. I need to choose joy and give the negative thoughts back to God to take care of. He calls us to Love everybody and to live a Christlike life on earth. I am focused on pleasing Him and letting him be the Judge. Being brave is hard, but its part of living the life we are born to live!!

    • I so appreciate you being vulnerable with your comment. You’re right in saying that too often we let fear of what other people may think or say about us prevent us from being brave. Though being brave is hard to do, doing so often results in a domino effect of others doing brave things too. Don’t stop doing brave things, Shelly.

  2. I would have never guessed that you weren’t brave or confident. Girl you seem to me to be the poster child of self confidence. I look forward to reading your blog! ❤️ You friend!

    • Looks like you learned something about me, Jen. I have always admired others who are comfortable in their own skin and brave enough to be the person God created them to be without fear of what others may think. Praying this prayer over me, my daughter, and the lives of women everywhere. Thanks for subscribing to the blog. I am excited to have you on the journey towards creating a love of reading in our homes.

  3. “Brave” was my word for 2018! Although I was excited to receive a new word as January rolled in I also take “Brave” with me into this year. I love that I don’t need to leave it behind. In fact I shouldn’t. God has taught me a lot this past year about being brave and I look forward to hearing how He works things out for your benefit as you embrace being brave!

    • Thank you for sharing, Karen! I love that your word for 2018 was brave and that you’re taking it with you into the new year as well. Being brave is hard to do but in the words of Annie F. Downs, “Brave people don’t stop hearing the whispers of fear. They hear the whispers but take action anyway.” Blessings to you!

    • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, Katrina! Thank you too for sharing your brave! Being intentional with hospitality is not one that comes natural to me but oh how important it is to strive to improve at. Blessings to you as you do hospitality with bravery in 2019.

  4. You INSPIRE me Stephanie. Thank you for BRAVELY following your call. I look forward to seeing how God is going to do GREAT THINGS through you.

    • I have learned the importance of not only sharing my brave but pointing out the brave in others too. You have done this for me with your sweet comment, Shannon! Thank you for your encouragement with my new blogging adventure. I look forward to seeing how God is going to use this resource too.

    • Jenn! What a treat to hear from the person who first heard of my desire to create this resource. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. Girl, you have modeled brave to me time and time again. Praying God will continue to give you brave as you do ministry. Blessings!


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