What Lies Do You Believe?

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For years I have been making New Year’s resolutions and for years I have failed. What starts out as I got this turns into a cycle of tomorrow, next week, next month, and finally, forget it!


Desperately wanting a successful year, I decided to take a different approach in January of 2018. I ditched my New Year’s Resolutions and chose one word to focus on for 365 days. My Word of the Year was TRUTH.  


I was no longer going to allow lies to steal me of my joy. I was going to replace those lies with truth. For example, if the lie was, I’m the worst Mom ever, I would replace that thought by saying (often out loud) something like, I am not the worst Mom ever. All Moms make mistakes. Or if the lie was, I’m a loser. I would say, I am not a loser. Peeing in my pants as a grown woman doesn’t define me as a loser. (Praise Jesus!)


On my journey of TRUTH, I picked up the book, Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets them Free. In her book, author Nancy Leigh DeMoss, zones in on five areas of deception that Christian women often believe:


  • Lies about themselves
  • Lies about sin
  • Lies about their marriage
  • Lies about their emotions
  • Lies about their circumstances

This book did not replace the lies I was believing with feel-good truth. This book replaced the lies I was believing with God’s truth. And knowing what God’s Word says about me changed everything!


I recently shared my 2018 Truth Journey with a group of ladies, including my mentor. This friend pulled me aside after my speaking engagement to thank me for sharing but also to challenge me further. She said, “Stephanie, next time a lie fills your brain, don’t just replace the lie with truth. Replace the lie with positive truth.


Using my own examples, she said, “Instead of saying, ‘I am NOT the worst Mom ever,’ say, ‘I am the BEST mom for my kids.’ Instead of saying, ‘I am NOT a loser’ say, ‘I am a WINNER because I remained positive after peeing myself.’”


This shift from truth to God-centered, life-giving truth is powerful. Because when you say I am NOT a bad mom, your brain is still hearing, bad mom, bad mom, bad mom. But when you say I am the BEST mom for my kids, your brain is hearing best mom, best mom, best mom.


This same exercise can be put into practice with our spouses, children, co-workers, and neighbors near and far. The key is to remember that just because something is true doesn’t make it truth.


  • It’s true that my husband forgot to pick up milk in town. But the truth is, he is reliable.
  • It’s true that my kids fought all day. But the truth is, they love each other.
  • It’s true that my neighbor complains about my kids playing in her yard. But the truth is, she loves spending time with them indoors where they can’t harm her flowerbeds!

What we believe shapes our behavior and determines our actions.


Knowing this, let’s replace the lies we’re believing with truth. God centered, life-giving truth.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great information that we all need to hear and be reminded of. We can be used by God for good when we rely on His wisdom to use us even in and through our weaknesses. This makes us all important and valuable.

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