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Watch 'n Read

Are you a parent that cringes when a pediatrician tells you how important reading aloud to your child is? Do you slouch in guilt when your child’s teacher sends out a newsletter to remind parents to read at least 15 minutes a day with your student each night? Do you throw your hands up in defeat when you finally attempt to read with your son/daughter but they don’t seem interested?


Dear Sister, breathe a sigh of relief. I may not hold all the answers, but I am here to help!


As a former Kindergarten teacher, I am slightly obsessed with finding creative ways to make reading fun for kiddos. I firmly believe that if you are intentional about choosing good books and making reading fun for your child, they will want to learn the art of reading for themselves.


In the Watch ‘n Read! portion of my blog, you will find FUN and EASY tutorials, practical advice, and quick videos to demonstrate ways you can help your child make reading the best part of their day.


As always, I would love to hear from you! Tell me what you do to make reading fun for your children at home. Let me know if you attempted a Watch ‘n Read idea and if your son/daughter enjoyed it. Take the advice given in this blog and contribute how you modified it to make it enjoyable to your child.


Sisters, we all share the desire for our kids to excel at reading. Join me in the team huddle! Let’s support and encourage one another with ideas to make reading more fun for our little ones!

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