Tidy Tip Tuesday: Seasonal Decor

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Let’s talk seasonal decor.


Even if you cringe at the idea of decorating your home, you likely appreciate a vase of fresh flowers on your table in the spring or pumpkins on your porch in the fall.


But many don’t make decorating a priority. Why? Because it’s too much work!


If decorating doesn’t interest you and you’re content with looking at the same throw pillows and wall decor year round…do it! Your house = your rules. Please don’t feel obligated to hang Christmas lights or display pumpkins if it doesn’t bring you joy.


However, if the thought of doing a home “refresh” throughout the year appeals to you but the action of doing so is overwhelming, you will appreciate this EASY Game-changer tip: TAKE PICTURES!


Decorating Steps:


Step 1: Decorate for current season 

Step 2: Take pictures of what you decorated

Step 3: Print or Make a file on your computer/phone called, “Home Decor”

Step 4: Refer to pictures you took each time that season rolls around 

Step 5: Enjoy your home refresh without the stress!


Let me walk you through the steps I take in more detail…


Pretend with me that it’s fall and I want to decorate my home accordingly. The first thing I do is pull out my storage tote that is labeled, “Fall Decorations.”



I prefer totes that are clear but please use whatever tote or box you have on hand.


I also recommend labeling your totes or boxes with a label maker. Doing so is visually appealing and easy to peel off if you decide you want to use the tote/box for something else in the future.


Don’t have a label maker? No problem! Label your box by printing or neatly writing what is being stored on a piece of paper. Then, tape it to the front of the container you’re using.  


Step 1: Decorate for Current Season (Fall)

Step 2: Take Pictures of What You Decorated

You likely have a phone that can take pictures. Even if your phones camera is poor, it doesn’t matter! We’re not looking for professional looking photos. Don’t overthink it. Simply take a few clicks of the decorations you put up. 


Bonus tip: If there is anything left in your tote/box after you’re done decorating, get rid of it! Keeping only the decor that you use makes decorating easy and stress free. Anything else is clutter!


Step 3: Print or Make a File on your Computer/Phone called, "Home Decor"

Once you take your pictures, it’s important to put your photos in a place where you won’t loose them. Put them somewhere safe right away so you aren’t scrolling your phone for hours looking for pictures you took a year ago!


I use to develop my seasonal decor pictures. I put the fall pictures in the tote labeled “Fall decor” and the winter pictures in the tote labeled “Christmas decor,” Etc. But lately I have been snapping pictures and placing them in a file on my phone labeled “Home Decor” instead. 

Step 4: Refer to Pictures You Took Each Time that Season Rolls Around

I use to dread decorating for the different seasons. I would put up a tree at Christmas but that was it. As a new teacher and later a mom of young kids, decorating was something I longed to do but didn’t make a priority because, “Who has time for that?!”


However, since deciding to take pictures of my decor, I no longer dread the process. In fact, I enjoy it! 


Step 5: Enjoy your Home Refresh Without the Stress!

When I’m done decorating, I like to celebrate my home refresh by lighting a candle, sitting by the fireplace, reading a book in my cozy space, or drinking a hot beverage while I soak in my surroundings.


Don’t stress decorating anymore. Enjoy the home you’re in!

3 thoughts on “Tidy Tip Tuesday: Seasonal Decor”

  1. Nice idea! Having a tiny apartment, my motivation for decorating is low to none, because there is not much extra space. But if there is an arrangement I came up with that I like, why not capture it for future reference?

    This year I also took a lot of my decorating cues from nature, meaning that I stole pinecones and other natural decorations which could return to their natural habitat at the end of the season (less dusty storage). I would like to try orange slices or other easy, fresh decorations next time around! Thanks for your post!

  2. Such great tips! Bless you for inspiring all of us while reminding us to make it our own. Comparison is a trap and thief of joy. This gives permission to be who He created us to be while we create! 🎉❤️

  3. Thank you, Stephanie! I also enjoy labelling my boxes. These days the easiest for me is masking tape and a black marker or pen. It’s noticeable and easy to read.

    Another tip: I pack away some of my everyday knickknacks to make room for seasonal decor. When I replace them again they feel fresh.


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