Tidy Tip Tuesday: Organizing Dresser Drawers

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When it comes to minimizing the clothes in my dresser drawers, I have tried a number of different approaches:


  • Limit oneself to x amount of short sleeve/long sleeve shirts, jeans, Etc. Anything that exceeds that number leaves the house. 
  • Donate a clothing item each time a new item is purchased (Example: Buy three tops=donate three tops).
  • Place seasonal clothing in storage tote (Example: Heavy sweaters go in storage during summer months).
  • Wear a new top each day. If it doesn’t “feel right,” get rid of it. 
  • Dump everything out of the dresser. Keep eliminating items until the drawers can open and close with ease. 

If you’re currently doing one of these approaches and it’s working, keep it up. If one of these ideas sparks your interest, try it. If you have another system set in place that you’re loving, please share!


The beauty of organizing is there is no right or wrong way to do it! Everything that Pinterest, Marie Kondo, the show Home Edit, or myself share with you is all OPTIONAL. There are no true one-size-fits-all for clothes or the way you organize. Always remember to do what works best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!


With that said, it’s Tidy-Tip Tuesday, so I would be remiss not to share the tips that I use to minimize my dresser drawers! Here is how I reduce what’s filling my dresser drawers.


First, I dump everything out of my dresser. I then hold up one clothing item at a time and ask myself these three questions: 


  1. Do I wear it?
  2. Do I have space for it?
  3. Can I see it in my drawer?

Let’s talk about question 1 and 2. Do I wear it? Do I have space for it? 


If you’re someone who has a massive walk-in closet with 80 pairs of shoes and enough clothes to wear a new outfit every day, that’s OK! We all have our things, right?! Maybe you have a thing for vases, a collection of earrings, or hundreds of bottles of nail polish. 


Mine is books. Some may think I have, “too many books,” but as long as I love them and have a space for them, I refuse to feel guilty or apologize for something that screams, “Me.”


If you genuinely wear everything in your closet AND have the space, enjoy being a fashionista!


Now let’s reflect on question number 3. Can I see it in my drawer?


Have you ever found kid toys under the couch or while vacuuming out your car? I know I have! To which my 4-year-old says, “I forgot about that toy!”


The same is true with clothes. If you forgot about clothing items in the back of your dresser drawer, it’s wasted space. Please don’t hold on to clothes you don’t know exist! 


Therefore, I like to organize my dresser drawers in a way where I can see everything I own.



In the picture above is the dresser drawer that holds my shirts. One basket is for short sleeve, one is for quarter length sleeves, and one is for long sleeves.


Here are the steps I take when organizing dresser drawers:

  1. Measure your drawers. Everyone’s dresser is a different depth and length. Avoid the headache of purchasing, returning, and trying again. Learn from my mistake – measure first!
  2. Decide what clothes should go in what dresser drawer. 
  3. Purchase baskets/storage containers or collect shoe boxes. Try the dollar store first. Don’t spend a lot of money on something that nobody is going to see. Your baskets are for organizing purposes only. No need to be beautiful!
  4. Fold your clothes and place them in the baskets/containers/shoe boxes as seen in the picture above. Putting your clothes in the dresser like this is a game changer for a few reasons:
    • Looks beautiful
    • Can see all your clothes
    • Can fit more in your dresser drawers

Since organizing my dresser drawers in this fashion, I no longer dig for articles of clothing. I no longer stress about, “having nothing to wear” because I only keep what I love. Plus, I enjoy opening and shutting dresser drawers with ease while enjoying the view. 


I love my dresser organization so much that I did the same thing with my two daughter’s dresser drawers too. Take a look! 

Three boxes fit per drawer. Here you see one for socks, one for underwear, and one for tights.

Here you see three boxes. One for t-shirts, one for short sleeve dressier tops, and one for long sleeves.

This drawer shows pajamas. One is for lighter PJS and the other is for thick winter PJS

It may seem like a lot of work, but I promise it is worth your time. Who knows? Maybe you, too will find yourself opening and closing dresser drawers simply to soak in your beautifully organized space! 

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