That’s A Wrap!

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Picture this. 

You’re in Target looking to purchase a gift for your friend’s baby shower. You choose the bath toys and shampoo she registered for along with a set of cozy jammies. You then put a gift bag and tissue paper in your cart. Done!  

Does this scenario sound familiar? There is nothing wrong with this scene. But, why purchase a gift bag and tissue paper if you already have some at home? Likely it’s because you didn’t know you had a specific gift bag occasion or color tissue paper on hand. 

Want to join me in saving time and money by organizing your gift wrapping stash?

Organizing Gift Bags

Step 1: Dump and Declutter

Dump all your gift bags into a pile. Then, declutter by sorting the bags into two piles: Keep and Discard. If you have gift bags in your pile that you would never reuse because they are ugly, ripped, or written on, dump! 

Step 2: Sort by Occasion

Go through your keep pile and sort the bags by occasion. As shown in the picture below, I sorted my bags by Christmas, Valentine’s Day/Love, any occasion, baby, and birthday. 

Step 3: Sort by Size

Take one “sorted by occasion” gift bag pile at a time and put them in order from smallest to largest

Step 4: Place Bags in Alphabetical Order

Once all the gift bags are sorted by occasion and size, I place them inside a container in alphabetical order: Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Baby Gender Neutral, Birthday Boy, Birthday Girl, Birthday Gender Neutral, Christmas, Everyday Occasion, and Valentine’s Day/Love (bridal shower/wedding bags)

Organizing Tissue Paper

Step 1: Sort by Color

Dump all your tissue paper in a pile and sort by color (This is a great activity to have the littles in your life help you with). 

Step 2: Fold and "Taco Shell"

Take one pile of “sorted by color” tissue paper at a time and fold them to roughly the same size. Then, take one piece of tissue paper from the pile and hold it in your hand like a taco shell. Place the rest of the tissue paper pile inside the “taco shell.” 

Step 3: Place "Taco Shells" in Container

I place my “taco shell” tissue paper piles in a container using ROYGBIV order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) followed by occasion and white.  

Check out my completed “Gift-Wrapping Station” below!

Organizing Wrapping Paper

Step 1: Dump and Declutter

Dump your rolls of wrapping paper in a pile. Then, declutter by going through one roll at a time and discarding any wrapping paper you find ugly or almost gone. 

Step 2: Place Wrapping Paper in Container

Place wrapping paper rolls in a container where you can easily see and reach for the desired roll. 

What else do I have in my “wrapping paper container?” Keep reading!

Random "About Me" Info:

I love books but hate book covers. Therefore, I use book covers as wrapping paper. I simply sort my book covers into two piles: Children Books and Adult Books. I then put the two piles of book covers in the container along with my rolls of wrapping paper. 

How do you wrap gifts? Do you gravitate towards gift bags? Wrapping paper? Something “different” like book covers? A combo? How and where do you store your gift wrapping materials? As always, I would LOVE to hear from YOU!

Until next time, that’s a wrap!

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  1. Crumpled tissue paper can easily be ironed and reused–looks (almost) new. Other papers can usually be ironed smooth too. (‘Could say I’m from the “iron age.”)


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