Rocking Chair Refresh

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When I discovered I was pregnant with a baby girl, I knew my childhood rocking chair would be the perfect addition to her nursery.


That baby is now a 3-year-old and my childhood rocking chair is no longer strictly decor. It is where she rocks her babies to sleep, pages through countless books, and leads story hour to her stuffed animals. 


Ava loves this chair as much as I do. But all that loving has resulted in this sweet chair being in desperate need of a refresh. Plus, I wanted it to match the rest of her cozy room. 


Here is the process…

Step 1: Paint

This isn’t a true “before picture” because my rocking chair was originally brown. However, I forgot to take a picture of it before I painted it white. Oops! I guess I was too excited to get started on this project!


Step 2: Decide on Stencil Design


I ordered my stencil from Amazon. I chose this one because I knew I wanted the rocking chair to consist of a big flower with little flowers placed strategically around it. This pack includes FOUR stencils. With one flower being larger than the rest, I knew I had my winner!

Step 3: Get Materials


The only materials you need for this project is your stencil, some paint, and a sponge.


I used English Rose Fusion Mineral Paint. Any paint you have laying around the house will work. However, I have fallen in love with fusion. Plus, my dear friends over at ReStyle are thee sweetest and most helpful women you will ever meet. I can’t say enough good things about these ladies or the products they sell!


Step 4: Decide on Stencil Placement


I love that this stencil is adhesive! All I had to do was decide where I wanted the flowers to be on the rocking chair. Then, I placed the stencil on the chair like a sticker. 

Step 5: Deep Breath and Paint!

I used a paintbrush and swiped paint directly over the stencil. However, this led to paint bleeding when removing the stencil (As you can see in the picture below!)


So, I put my paintbrush away and used a sponge instead.


Dipping my sponge in paint and dabbing the excess off on a paper towel before applying was key in my flowers looking nice. 

Step 6: Release and Admire

Did this project turn out perfectly? No. There are spots where I could use a teeny paintbrush to fix all the little errors. But, I am choosing to release the imperfections. My daughter doesn’t see the little flaws and unless I’m analyzing it closely, I don’t either. 


Then, stand back and admire the project that YOU did! 


I absolutely LOVE how this refresh turned out! And I look forward to continuing to watch Ava’s imagination grow as she rocks in this special chair. 

P.S. The teddy sitting on the chair was my childhood bear too. This picture gives me all the feels!

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