My Husband is Worse than Your Husband

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Want to play the game, My Husband is Worse than your Husband?


The game is simple. To play you need two or more married women. Decide who will go first. Player one will say something negative about her husband. The other women will then take turns saying something negative about their husbands. The game ends when it’s obvious whose man is the worst.


For Example:


Player 1: My husband won’t even try my cooking if it’s a new recipe.


Player 2: Girl, I can make my husband’s favorite dish and he won’t even acknowledge it. I get no thanks and certainly no help with dishes.


Player 3: My husband doesn’t do dishes either. Or the laundry. Or help put the kids to bed. He is of zero help to me!


This example makes me cringe for two reasons.


  1. This was a conversation I overheard—at church.
  2. I realized I have played this game. More than once.

While the game caused me to cringe, it was Scripture that caused the conviction. Romans 8:31b says, “God is for us.” Wow!


GOD is for me. The God of the universe is fighting for me and cheering me on!

God IS for me–today, every day, no matter what!

God is FOR me–even when everything feels against me.

God is for ME–even when I’m critical of others, He’s still for me!


GOD IS FOR YOU! And God is for your husband too. 


If you’re married, maybe you want to join me in asking these hard questions:


  • Do I compliment him? Or criticize?
  • Do I encourage him? Or embarrass?
  • Do I respect him? Or shame?
  • Do I support him? Or undermine?
  • Do I forgive him? Or hold grudges?

The next time you find yourself in a circle of women playing, My Husband is Worse than your Husband, let’s make it a gamechanger and choose to say something uplifting about our men.


How about we start today. Do you want to go first? Please comment below!

2 thoughts on “My Husband is Worse than Your Husband”

  1. My husband truly is my Superman! I am so thankful he gets up faithfully every morning we’ll before the sunrises and works hard to provide for me and our family. He could have had the day off today with out it counting against him, but he said “staying at home doesn’t pay the bills “ and trudged off in the pre blizzard cold to go to work and worked as long as he could to make sure all the vendors were taken care of for today and tomorrow ( since he probably will not make it in at 4 am tomorrow) so the store will not suffer! That is just one of the million reasons I love my Superman!!

  2. I’m so glad you are back!
    My husband isn’t a reader, but he loves it when I read to him, and he will listen for hours as I teach him what I learn from non-fiction. It still amazes me that he won’t read, but I’m glad he’s willing to learn through me.
    I’m looking forward to reading your posts in 2020.

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