March – What I’m Loving/What We’re Reading

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IT’S APRIL! I’m not sure how that happened but here I am writing a blog post about 3 things I’m loving and what we read during the month of March. Here we go!

What I Am Loving:

#1. Paint By Sticker

“Paint by Number” and “Color by Number” are common activities but have you heard of “Sticker by Number?!” I was recently introduced to this creative outlet and my 4-year-old and I are slightly obsessed.                       

As a Mom, I love having a go-to quiet and zero mess activity that keeps my kiddo entertained. As a teacher, I am giddy that “Paint by Sticker” helps with fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and learning numbers. 

“Paint by Sticker” activity books consist of numbers within an image and corresponding stickers. Simply place the sticker on the correct spot on the image until your picture is complete. TOO FUN!

There are different “Paint by Sticker” activity books for kids to choose from. Popular ones include: Dinosaurs, Unicorns, Under the Sea and Zoo Animals. Check them out!

Want to join in on the fun? They make “Paint by Sticker” books for ADULTS too. Lots of options! I own Birds

#2. Nursing Bracelet

Know someone who is expecting a baby? You will be that mama’s hero if you gift her with a nursing bracelet. (My hero was my sister. Thanks, Melanie!) It’s called a “nursing bracelet” but moms can use it to track when their baby ate last whether they’re breastfeeding or not. Here is how it works…

It’s set up like a clock with beads indicating the time. The number beads indicate the hours, and the colored beads model 15-minute increments. A charm is moved around the bracelet each time baby eats to remind mom what time their baby last ate. (Nursing moms, this bracelet can also be switched from one wrist to the other to remind you which breast side baby last ate) 

The example above shows that baby last ate at 3:15. Done feeding? Use the bracelet to track glasses of water per day instead. Best. Invention. Ever.


My bracelet came from an Etsy shop called Green Grass Boutique

#3. Bath Letters & Numbers

Do your kiddos have a favorite bath toy? My kids have had a set of Bath Letters & Numbers for years and never tire of them. I recently bought a new set because I love these pieces as much as my kiddos! Why? Because they provide teaching opportunities without my kids knowing their learning. Letter and number recognition, letter sounds, and how to read CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words are just a few ideas that you can teach your kiddos both in and outside the tub using this amazing $4.48 product. 

What We're Reading:


Author Lisa Bevere encourages women to be for each other instead of in competition with one another in her new book, “Godmothers.” Drawing from her own life, biblical women, and the world of fairy tales, Lisa walks women through what to look for in a Godmother and how to be one. 

Growing Boldly

Reading, “Growing Boldly” felt like having a coffee chat with a dear friend. A friend who listened to my dreams and believed they could come true. A friend who firmly pushed me to take the next step while promising to pray me through the journey. “Growing Boldly” serves as an encouragement to boldly live the life God called you to. 

Enemy Pie

YES! A children’s book that models kindness; even to those who are hard to love. “Enemy Pie” is my daughter Ava’s “go to” book lately. She loves the humor and illustrations and I love the lesson taught and the great conversations we’re having as a result of this excellent read. “Enemy Pie” brings to life God’s call to us in Matthew 5 to “Love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.” 

Blue Hat, Green Hat

My almost 2-year-old daughter, has jumped on the “Sandra Boynton bandwagon.” Emma likes to stack all the Sandra Boynton books we own in a tower and hand me one at a time until we have read them all. Her favorites is “Blue Hat, Green Hat” 

What have you been loving lately? What books are you reading? As always, I would LOVE to hear from YOU. 

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  1. We love sticker by number books!! They are great for quiet time, church bag and car rides!! Your books this month look great!


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