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Hugs. Honestly, I’m not a huger. If someone stretches out their arms toward me, I will reciprocate. But unless you’re my husband or kids, I find a head nod, wave, or shoulder squeeze to be sufficient. However, social distancing must be getting to me because I wanted to hug the UPS man today. And I’m an introvert!


Have someone you long to hug? Why not MAIL them one?!


My three-year-old had a blast making and mailing hugs to her grandparents, cousins, and friends of all ages. Seriously – this has kept her entertained for days! 


I have included two different ways in which you can “Mail a Hug.” For both options, you will need paper, scissors, and crayons. For the second option you will need string/ribbon too. That’s it! Talk about EASY!

Hug Option One: Upper Body Trace

Step 1: Trace Child's Upper Body with Outstretched Arms


I had easel paper on hand. However, one can easily tape printer paper together too. 

Step 2: Decorate!


Talk about hours of entertainment! Ava enjoyed drawing facial features, coloring clothes, and even “painting fingernails” on her self portrait. 


Once your child is done adding details, simply cut out the portrait and fold it to fit into an envelope. I guarantee the recipient will love the hug as much as your kiddos enjoy making them!

Hug Option Two: Hands and String

Step 1: Trace your child's hands

Step 2: Cut Out Traced Hands

Step 3: Decorate!


Draw rings, color on nail polish, or write a message on the hands to let the recipient know you love them and can’t wait to give them a real hug in person soon. 

Step 4: Cut String to Size


Cut a string or piece of ribbon the length of your child’s arms. Then, tape the ends of the string to the back of the hand cutouts. DONE!

Who will you "Mail a Hug" to?

3 thoughts on “Mail A Hug”

  1. We mailed some to teachers, grandparents and aunties! They all loved them! During this strange time of being apart, they are a very genuine and personal way to reach out to those you love!


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