Who is the Hero?

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“Whoa. Slow down. Is everything OK?” My husband asked as he jogged to keep up with my beelining it to our vehicle after church.


“Honey, we literally have 10 minutes before we’re expected to be at your parents house for dinner and I still have to make a salad, change Emma’s diaper, get a bottle warmed up, and write in your Dad’s birthday card.”


“What can I do to help you?”


“Could you please make the salad? The recipe and bowl I want the salad in are on the kitchen island.”


It was a blur, but we made it to our destination right on time! I walked in the house and proudly handed the Raspberry Vanilla Jell-O Salad off to my Mother-in-law so I could assist my girls in taking off their coat and shoes.


The pink salad stuck out amongst the buffet of food acting as a conversation starter; “Your salad looks amazing, Stephanie! What is all in it? Your salad is too pretty to eat…”


Once gathered around the table, the praise continued. “I’m on my third helping of your salad. Our kids keep asking us for more of your salad. Your salad was a hit. We devoured the whole thing!”


Who is the hero in this story?


It may appear that I was. After all, I choose the recipe, bought the ingredients, and carried the salad inside the house. However, the true hero in this story is my husband because he is the one who made the salad.


I had a choice to make. I could choose to accept the praise for the salad or give credit where credit was due. (Despite my husbands nudges under the table each time I received a complement; I chose to take the credit…oops.)


How about you?


  • Do you pat yourself on the back each time you gain more Instagram followers because you worked hard at staging that photo?


  • Do you celebrate your job promotion because you earned it?


  • Do you showcase your kiddos report card on the fridge and think to yourself, “I must be doing something right!”

God gives each of us specific gifts and talents not for our praise but for His. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”


Friend – What motivates you to use your gifts? Is it praise? Is it to keep up with your expectations of what it means to be a good spouse, parent, church member, or employee? Is it because you long to be accepted? Guess what? You already are! In Him, you are seen, chosen, accepted, and so dearly loved.


Answer honestly. “Are you motivated to use your gifts so people will make much of you? Or so people will make much of Jesus?” I’m asking myself the same question.


Because when we land on that answer, we know who the true hero in our story really is.


1 thought on “Who is the Hero?”

  1. Yes. This! Thank you for helping me remember that as we write an epic story in the ordinary, there is only room for one Hero. May it be Jesus. Thank you for sharing your heart through words. ❤️


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