Prepare for Hair Care

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Do you have a daughter? If so, do you struggle with how to organize all their hair clips, bobby pins, ponytails, and headbands? I know I have!

I thought a designated drawer in the bathroom to hold all my daughter’s hair accessories was the solution to keeping them organized. I was wrong. Yes, all the supplies were in one place but it was hard to find what I was looking for among the chaos. Ugh. 

Plan B: Put all the hair clips, bobby pins, ponytails, and headbands in individual Ziploc bags. Then, place Ziploc bags inside designated bathroom drawer. This too was a fail. Though it took less time to find what I was looking for, I still had to dump out the whole bag of hair clips to find the one I wanted. Plus, the fact that the drawer was within reach of my toddler resulted in all the bags being opened and dumped on the bathroom floor. Every. Day. Double ugh! 

I needed a system where all the hair supplies were in one place, sorted, and easy to both see and get at. After two failed plans and much frustration, I came up with a solution that worked for me!

Introducing today’s Tidy-Tip Tuesday: Prepare for Hair Care

Hair Clips

I wanted to see all my daughter’s hair clips and get to them with ease. Ziploc bags didn’t work. Cardboard did! I simply decided how I wanted to sort/display the clips and cut an Amazon box to the desired sizes. 

Being that all these bows are the same, I wanted them all on the same piece of cardboard. I then sorted them by color and put them on the cardboard in order of ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) followed by colors pink, white, brown, and black. 

I sorted the remainder of the hair clips into three categories: small clips, black clips, and miscellaneous clips. 

Sooo much better! Now when my 4-year-old says, “Can you put two bows at the ends of my braids?” I can hand her the piece of cardboard and say, “Which color?!”

Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. I liked the packaging that these smaller clips came in because I can see the clips and have easy access to them. No change necessary. 

Bobby Pins/Ponytails

These two bags use to consist of brown hair ties in one bag and clear ties in the other. I combined the two into one and used the other bag to hold bobby pins. 

Like the hair bow clips, I wanted my daughter’s bow ponytails to be easy to see and have access to. However, instead of using cardboard, I cut up the tube from a roll of wrapping paper (a toilet paper roll would work too). I then put the bow ponytails on the tube according to ROYGBIV followed by colors pink, white, and black. 


I have no special system for headbands. I simply group the headbands together and place them in the front of the hair accessories basket. Done. 

I LOVE having all my daughter’s hair accessories organized, easy to see, easy to get at, and all together in a “hair accessory basket.” Just looking at this picture makes me SO happy!

I no longer have a designated bathroom drawer for my daughter’s hair supplies. Instead, I put the hair accessory basket in the bathroom cupboard above the toilet. This is the perfect location because my 4-year-old can reach it when she or myself does her hair. However, my toddler can no longer reach it and disrupt the beautiful organization. 

There are TONS of ways to display hair accessories. Would you please share how you store yours?

2 thoughts on “Prepare for Hair Care”

  1. We have lots of colored rubber bands so I got a pill container (one with seven slots you could organize your weekly pills into) and sorted the colors in those so they’re easy to grab!


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