February – What I’m Loving/What We’re Reading

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Does anyone else feel like they just flipped the calendar to February and now we’re in March already?! Crazy. Business.

You guys! My baby boy will be a month old on Tuesday, March 2. I can’t even. So, let’s change the subject!!

What I Am Loving:

#1. Stained Glass Coloring Books

Have you heard of these? If not, the kiddo in your life that enjoys coloring will think this is the coolest thing ever. My 4-year-old daughter Ava is one of them. 

These stained glass coloring books consist of 16 different designs. Kids can color the pages with felt-tip pens, colored pencils, or crayons.


Once their picture is done, you simply tear it out of the book and tape it to a window. The sun will shine through the picture your child colored; making it look like stained glass. Too fun!

Want to purchase a stained glass coloring book? Contact an usborne book consultant. My cousin Ashley is one. You can shop her link at n11709.myubam.com or contact her at ashleyroelofs16@gmail.com 

#2: S'mores Bars from Papa Murphy's

Shout out to my sister-in-law Melissa for introducing me to bars that make my taste buds sing! Simply take off the cover and bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Easy to make AND a taste sensation? Yes, please! 

These S’more Bars truly taste as good as they look. Next time you’re buying pizza at Papa Murphy’s, purchase these s’more bars too. Your singing taste buds will thank you. 

#3. Artificial Green Branches

Have you ever noticed that people often dress like their homes? This is true for me. I love to wear neutral colors with pops of green and I decorate my house in neutral colors with pops of green too.

I enjoy adding green throughout my house with faux plants (props to everyone out there that can keep real plants alive!) My favorite faux plants are these twigs from Amazon. I have purchased these greens a few times over the years. I love their height, their simplicity, and the fact that they look real.

Interested in adding some faux greens to your house too? Click the link Artificial Green Branches to purchase. 

What We're Reading:

Busy Toddler's Guide to Actual Parenting

Susie Allison is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. If you have a toddler, you’re going to want to follow her too! She can be found at Busy Toddler

When I saw that Susie had published a book, I knew it needed to be on my bookshelf. Wow. I was not disapointed. So sooo good! This book is filled with parenting tips AND includes over 50 kid activities. 

Click on Busy Toddler book to purchase a copy for yourself. 

"Dot Sticker Sort" is one EASY and FUN activity included in the book. This fine motor project teaches concentration and independent play as well as sorting and color knowledge.

"Tape Rescue" is a great activity because it strengthens a child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, I enjoyed watching my daughter Emma get excited each time she rescued someone.

Stuart Little

I read the book and watched the movie, “Charlotte’s Web” with my 4-year-old and she absolutely loved both the book and movie. Therefore, I thought I would try another book/movie combo by E.B. White – Stuart Little. 

Ava and I devoured this book. I normally read her one chapter while she is eating her breakfast but with “Stewart Little” she kept saying, “One more chapter!” 


Other than the same characters, the movie is completely different from the book. However, the movie is great too. I especially loved the dialogue that was taking place throughout the movie, “There’s George! That didn’t happen in the book. In the book, Stewart…” Etc


You can find the “Stewart Little” book and the “Stewart Little” movie on Amazon. 

Poke-A-Dot! Good Night, Animals

Have you ever handed a kid a piece of bubble wrap? It entertains them until each and every bubble is popped, right?! Now imagine gifting a child with a book that consists of bubbles they can pop FOREVER. Talk about non-stop fun!


I cannot and will not stop talking about these Poke-A-Dot books by Melissa & Doug. I’m obsessed. Have you heard of these or have I been living under a rock?! 

My 21-month-old daughter Emma was gifted this book when my son Carson was born and I hand it to her each time I feed him because it keeps her entertained. The pages are durable, the pictures are colorful, and the fact that you poke dots on each page is too fun! 

Click Poke-A-Dot Good Night, Animals to purchase. 

If you purchase a stain glassed coloring book, try a s'mores bar from Papa Murphy's, have a favorite "Busy Toddler" activity, Etc please let me know. As always, I would LOVE to hear from YOU!

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