Hello! Anyone have book guilt?

When teachers emphasize how important it is to read to your child at home, do you avoid eye contact? Does your child say the books you pick are boring? Or maybe you’re not sure how to instill a love of reading in your home because you’re not a reader yourself? And then there’s this: How does one find time to read?!


My book guilt is getting overwhelmed at the library. And time. Always time. And as a mom and former Kindergarten teacher, I’ve heard from amazing women like you. Women who want to read to their child, but lack time, resources, and are just plain tired.


With your questions and frustrations in mind, this blog was created.

It is my prayer that Stephanie Brouwer: Where Books are Read and Hearts are Fed, would be your go-to-resource for encouragement, book recommendations, and tips on how to make reading fun.


I’m Stephanie Brouwer. Wife to farmer husband Nicholas, and mommy to a bookworm named Ava. I was a Kindergarten teacher, but currently stay home with my daughter.


You can spot me in a crowd as the gal carrying a book in her purse and a Diet Coke in her hand. Start up a conversation with me and the topic may turn to my favorites: Jesus, family, and books.


Let’s talk! Though I have mastered the art of talking to myself, I prefer having a conversation with you! Share your favorite books to read with your kiddos. Tell me what you do to create a reading atmosphere in your home. Ask me questions in regards to books and beyond.


Together, let’s encourage each other to create a home where books are read and hearts are fed.



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