Birthdays Are Meant to Be Celebrated

Parked at Hobby Lobby, I turned to my almost two-year-old daughter and said, We’re here! Would you like to pick out party hats for your birthday party?   Party hats! She screamed as she double fisted her hands in the air and begged me to take her out of her car seat, right now!   Placing my daughter in front of the cart, I sped to the party aisle. Five items were on my list and I wanted to be in, out, and on our way home in record time. Ava, on the other hand, had a different agenda. Her

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I’m Stephanie Brouwer. Wife to farmer husband Nicholas, and mommy to a bookworm named Ava. I was a Kindergarten teacher, but currently stay home with my daughter. 


You can spot me in a crowd as the gal carrying a book in her purse and a Diet Coke in her hand. Start up a conversation with me and the topic may turn to my favorites: Jesus, family, and books.

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