Little Spaces. Happy Faces.

Whether you know me personally or follow me online, you have probably picked up on the fact that I love to read. Want to know another passion of mine? Projects!   From putzing on a homemade card to working on a full room makeover, I can’t help but have at least three projects going on at all times. The thrill of a good before and after picture motivates me to keep dreaming up creative ideas. Anyone else?!   On Saturday I was itching to transform a space that I could start and finish in a day. I chose to tackle

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I’m Stephanie Brouwer. Wife to farmer husband Nicholas, and mommy to a bookworm named Ava. I was a Kindergarten teacher, but currently stay home with my daughter. 


You can spot me in a crowd as the gal carrying a book in her purse and a Diet Coke in her hand. Start up a conversation with me and the topic may turn to my favorites: Jesus, family, and books.

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